Wood Sealer

Wood Sealer

AQUA Tite® Wood Sealer is a gel treatment that seals, waterproofs, hardens and preserves most wood products.  The catalyst in Wood Sealer allows it to penetrate many layers within the wood.  It then reacts with both the acid and the alkali present, forming a silica areogel membrane on the surface of cell walls. This membrane acts as an internal seal and water barrier. Wood Sealer will not alter the physical characteristics of the natural wooden surface to which it is applied. Wood Sealer is not a wood finish though it does create a surface more effective at bonding with varnish, stains, paint, and mastics than if left untreated. Wood Sealer extends the life of wood structures with just one treatment.

Uses for Wood Sealer

  • Cedar Shakes
  • Wood Shingles
  • Decks & Piers
  • Fence Posts, Rails, & Slats
  • Wooden Boxes, Frames, & Sashes
  • Wooden Planters
  • Anything Wood Needing a Longer Life

Key Product Features

  • Non-toxic, environmentally and ecologically friendly
  • Easy to apply and simple to clean up with just water
  • Eliminates the need for constant reapplication of wood finishes
  • Leaves a clear, natural finish with no surface film
  • Makes the surface better prepared for finishing with stain, paint, etc.
  • A one-time application will petrify the wood to the depth penetrated
  • Helps wood retain structural integrity longer
  • Decreases or eliminates deterioration and weathering
  • Enables easier ice and snow removal
  • Increases resistance to grease, oils, and acids

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