Sterilray Excimer Wave Technology

Sterilray Excimer Wave Technology

Inactivation vs Kill
Before the development of Sterilray™, all UVC lamps produced a specific wavelength of 253.7 nanometers (commonly called 254nm). The UVC band contains wavelengths that alter a microorganism’s DNA so that it can no longer reproduce. This process of DNA modification is called deactivation. However, under certain conditions, the process may fail and pathogens may start to replicate again.

Sterilray produces a wavelength of 222 nm in the Excimer Wave band with much more photon energy. This additional energy breaks either the protein-peptide bonds or the disulfide bonds of the DNA, destroying the microorganism.

Action Time
A 254nm lamp close to a surface would need more than 100 seconds to “deactivate” pathogens. This output will slowly deteriorate over a one year period.

Sterilray’s photon effectiveness is nearly 10,000 times greater. This increase in effectiveness translates to faster action times, making it possible to kill pathogens in less than one second! The Sterilray™ lamp remains efficient for more than one year.

Moving air, especially below 77°F (25°C) has an adverse effect on the 254nm light tubes performance. To compensate, additional lamps are installed and change out cycles are accelerated. The output and stability of standard UVC lamps are drastically reduced in the presence of cold and/or moving air.

Sterilray does not use cathodes and is therefore not affected by temperature or humidity. Sterilray™ is operated using radio frequency so it can be turned on and off hundreds of times without affecting the lamp life.

Even the high-output ultraviolet germicidal devices produce relatively low amounts of photon energy. Standard 254nm lamps only have one power setting and it cannot be changed.

Sterilray’s™ power is adjustable depending on the need. High power incorporates activated oxygen (O 3) for oxidation of surfaces. This is the power setting of the lamp that will destroy chemicals and odors associated with cigarette smoke, VOC’s, diesel fumes, and formaldehyde. Activated oxygen is three thousand times more potent than chlorine and effectively destroys bacteria and viruses.

Uses for Far-UV Sterilray Technology

  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Food Manufacturing Facilities
  • Water Treatment Facilities

Key Product Features

  • Dry, chemical free disinfection up to 99.9998%
  • Lamps turn on and off instantly (no warm up time)
  • Wide operating temperature range and variable power levels
  • Capable of sanitizing textured surfaces
  • Easy to operate without the need for training
  • Lamps do not contain hazardous material i.e. mercury and the process of disinfection is residue free
  • Sterilray™ is not harmful to the skin and it is safe to be in its presence

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