AQUA Tite® Enviro-Zorb is a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) crystal that is capable of absorbing liquid into itself, simplifying clean-up in many practical applications. One pound of Enviro-Zorb can absorb up to 25 lbs of gallons of water, making removal, disposal and transport easier. Unlike other solidifiers, AQUA Tite® Enviro-Zorb chemically bonds with the water, holding it under pressure and adding only minimal mass. Enviro-Zorb is non-toxic and any residue will degrade into harmless byproducts (carbon, nitrogen, and water). Safe for users and the environment, AQUA Tite® Enviro-Zorb is an effective choice for the clean-up of large spills, flooding, and waste water.

Uses for Enviro-Zorb

  • Large Industrial Sites where Liquid Waste Streams Need to be Solidified
  • Businesses Producing Dust and Waste such as Concrete Polishing, Rock Refining, & Floor Grinding
  • Disaster Relief to Aid in the Transport & Removal of Unwanted or Contaminated Water
  • Highways, Subways, Runways, & Other Sites Requiring Quick Clean Up for Spills or Flooding

Key Product Features

  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic to the environment or those using the product
  • Designed specifically for high volume clean up
  • Not only absorbs water, but consumes the material and/or contaminants housed in the water as well
  • Economical and easy to dispose of
  • Useful in non-clean up situations, it is capable of being expanded, frozen, and used as a safe ice pack for refrigeration or medical needs

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