Environmentally Friendly Products for Several Applications

AQUA Tite® offers a wide range of products specifically designed to combat cleaning, maintenance, and preservation issues faced by some of the largest industries. Our product lines offer solutions for a multitude of applications.

Products Available

Dual Guard

It effectively prevents the damaging effects of water intrusion and vapor emissions on concrete.


Powerful all purpose, green cleaner and degreaser for the toughest household, automotive, industrial, and marine cleaning jobs.


Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) crystal that is capable of absorbing liquid into itself, simplifying clean-up in many practical applications.


F.O.G. is a specially formulated multi-purpose cleaner that is designed for heavy duty cleaning jobs and odor elimination.

Moisture Blocker

Sealant and masonry stabilizer that locks out moisture while strengthening concrete.

Polish Guard

It penetrates into the pores of the concrete for superior adhesion and acts as a surface sealer and high gloss finish on vinyl floors.

Spill Kit

Contain and clean human related spills that contain blood, urine, or other bodily fluids with this Spill Kit.

Surface Cleaner

Ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser for hard surfaces in industrial and commercial applications

Weather Seal

Nontoxic, non-flammable surface penetrating sealer. It will effectively waterproof and seal concrete, stamped concrete, brick, cured asphalt, stucco and sandstone surfaces.

Wood Sealer

Gel treatment that seals, waterproofs, hardens and preserves most wood products

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