Surface Cleaner

Surface Cleaner is more effective than ever before!  AQUA Tite® Surface Cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser for hard surfaces in industrial and commercial applications. Its effective cleaning and degreasing power comes from a formula that combines eco-friendly surfactants and naturally occurring microbes for the deep cleaning of waste, grease, and dirt. The naturally biodegradable, non-petroleum based cleaner is safe for users and the environment. Designed specifically to clean hydrocarbons, AQUA Tite® Surface Cleaner is perfect in applications where oil contamination and staining is a challenge. Try it on your automobiles, machinery, fuel tanks, and tough to clean floors such as those found in workshops, factories, automotive facilities, and more.

Uses for Surface Cleaner

  • Industrial, Commercial & Residential Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Automotive Cleaning & Degreasing Applications
  • Equipment Cleaning & Degreasing Applications
  • Gas & Oil Spills from Automobiles On Parking Lots & at Gas Stations
  • Concrete & Cement with Grease Accumulations

Key Product Features

Optimized microbes that degrade a broader spectrum of substrates

Designed specifically for high soil / grease build-up, industrial & commercial applications (such as workshop, factory floors, and machinery)

Highly effective in automotive cleaning applications such as wheels, tires, engines, auto exteriors, tractor trailers, RV, and fleet maintenance

Essential for effective cleaning of fuel oil and crude tanks for the removal of sludge build-up for more efficient tank operation

Effective cleaning of fuel residues from concrete and cement in parking lots, gas stations, auto repair shops- residual biological action removes hydrocarbon based stains (residual benefit for oil / water separators commonly found in mechanical shops)

Highly effective against hydrocarbons and fats, oils, and greases (eliminates grease on contact)

Eliminates malodors at source

Highly effective eco-friendly formulation (safe for the user and the environment)

Safe to use on all hard surfaces

Readily biodegradable, non-petroleum, ozone-friendly components offer reduced environmental impact

Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure high quality and purity

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